Formal wedding decor

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an open window with white drapes and flowers on the windowsill, in front of a chandelier
the entrance to a wedding ceremony with white flowers and chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Wedding, Engagement & Relationship Ideas & Articles | The Knot
an indoor wedding venue with white flowers and greenery on the tables, chandeliers and candles
Italian Courtyard
a banquet hall with tables and chairs set up for an event
A Vintage Secret Garden
the wedding venue is set up with tables and chairs
Nicole and Greg’s Timeless and Whimsical Wedding at The Pelican Hill Resort
a long table is set with flowers and place settings for an outdoor wedding reception at the waterfront
Tavoli per le nozze: ad ognuno il suo! - Matrimonio a Bologna Blog
the tables are set up with white linens and greenery for an elegant wedding reception
Wedding Part 2 | Ceremony + Reception
the tables are set with candles, greenery and hanging lights for an elegant wedding reception
Industrial Wedding Decor Trend For The Modern Bride