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love quote

"Real men don't love the most beautiful girl in the world. Real men love the girl who makes their world the most beautiful.

#kiss #kisses #kissing #couple #love #passion #romance...a siiii? stavi sbagliando ankora k picia...kmq ovvio...ora nn voglio star fermo voglio giokare poi si stiamo le kokkoline

I love kissing your lips and holding your gave while I am doing it baby! The day will come when everyone will see true love! Love you my sexy beautiful bunny !

hearts & fairy lights

Love this beautiful Valentine's Day decoration. Lights, hearts, and bokeh photography. Just use cheap Valentine garland & Christmas lights!

Soulmates: & to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with 4 arms, 4 legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

Awesome collection of sandy toes and salty kisses inspirations. THE RIDE> Visit us for other 17 inspiratiosn

A kiss on the beach. I think men walking along the beach with their pants rolled up are so sexy! Such a small detail, I know. More importantly is being with a partner who adores the sand and sea (and passion) as much as I do!

Kissing the one we love brings out joyful emotions that make us feel complete and happy. If you’re looking for some inspiration kiss quotes, these romantic quotes will help you express how kissing makes you feel. A first kiss is the demarcation line: the


A man who will wake up with a smile on his face and greet me with sweet kisses every morning.


Couple - Boudoir - Photography - Portrait - Black and White - Pose Idea / Inspiration

little did he know...

I won't let you go, now you know, I've been crazy for you all this time. I've kept it close always hoping, with a heart on fire.