Me paige x

Hey I'm paige I'm 15 and single I used to be best friends with Brooke but I became popular and a.bully I don't bully maddie mackenzie chloe but I do bully brooke-intro

Paige Hyland Photoshoot —-Touchup :] Because of Halloween i completely forgot about Paige’s birthday so, Happy Birthday Paige!

Paige modeling

{Fc: Paige Hyland} Erin) hi I'm Erin! I have a twin sister! I have the power to manipulate weather and nature! *smiles* I'm super kind so most of the time, the weather is nice here *giggles*

Beautiful paige

My name is Paige, I'm and I love to be myself! This is my intro for ~ Dance Moms Roleplay ~ Paige

Hai, I'm Paige 15 and single. My brothers and Matt and Taylor and sisters are Kenzie and my twin Chloe. Let's chat!

paige hyland was one of my favroites off of dance moms and she is really good and i don't like when abby treats her like that