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a small turtle sitting on top of a window sill next to a rain soaked window
Organizationally Impaired
Organizationally Impaired
a black cat walking down a street next to yellow leaves on the ground and trees
Paper Pizza: Blogtober: Day Twenty-Two
a black cat sitting in the leaves next to a pumpkin
If I wasn’t freezing, I’d claw ur eyes out!
a cat sitting on top of a dog wrapped in a blanket looking out the window
a hedgehog wearing a witches hat on top of a wooden bench next to leaves
a woman holding an umbrella with lights on it and the words photo above her head
winter wonderland | Tumblr
Snowy Nights
a heart shaped leaf hanging from a tree branch
We love Fall!
a spoon that is sitting in a cup on a table next to an open book
Drink Tea Read Books Be Happy, tea lover gift, book lover gift, stamped spoon, book club, original design by Flynn and Grace
Drink tea. Read books. Be happy. Vintage hand stamped tea spoon created by The Paper Spoon