Women in my family were taught to be servants to their men. We were taught to cook, clean, and take care of children. Women were no more than mothers and wives to the men in my family.

Feminista feminismo feminism girl power igualdade - Women in my family were taught to be servants to their men. We were taught to…

Feminsm: Can Somebody Please Explain

Feminsm: Can Somebody Please Explain

It addresses black women coping with self-worth and self-respect. It offers encouragement to future generations of Black men and women.


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"When life gives you lemons squeeze them in peoples eyes" - "Ugly Love" By Colleen Hoover

One of the best pieces of advice that actually works as a key to success in life and in business has to be having the right mindset, do you agree? No matter what is happening for you today, I hope these quotes bring you a little joy. Please share your favourites and let me know in …

53 of the Best Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Ever

She knew the ower of her mind and soc programmed it for success. It is possible to program your mind to assist you in attaining success. We become what we think about, inspiring Quote



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