св. Христофор

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A 17th century icon of a dog-headed St. Christopher.

Sts Stephen and Christopher Unknown Greek painter Egg tempera on oak, 21 x 16 cm Ikonen-Museum, Recklinghausen Wikipedia: In the Eastern Orthodox Church, certain icons covertly identify Saint.

St. Christopher (A case of cynocephaly + mistranslation!)

Private Athens Art Tour: National Archaeological Museum and Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens

Coptic icon, dating to the 18th century, depicts Ahrakas and Oghani, who wear masks in the forms of dog heads.

Coptic icon, dating to the century, depicts Ahrakas and Oghani, who wear masks in the forms of dog heads.

Святой Христофор

Saint Christopher, Dog-headed warrior who carried travellers from shore to shore across a rushing river, considered by some a continuation of the Greco-Egyptian Hermanubis, conductor of souls across the river of death

St. Christopher - Andreas Menelaou: Byzantine Orthodox Iconographer | Portable Icons

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drrestless: A saint for werewolves…

Mercury Artist - Anonymous Painter of Syuniq Gospel, XIV - XV centures. The stable iconographic feature of the presentation of the saint is the use of black for his horse, thus alluding to the fact that the miracle was performed after his death.