Irene Ann Parkins

Irene Ann Parkins

Μελος ακτιβιστικων και ανθρωπιστικων οργανωσεων, λατρης της φυσης των σπορ κσι της τεχνης
Irene Ann Parkins
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Good things to remember and ask and ask again. Every night until they're grown :)

most fun thing today Who to spend time with tomorrow think of one person we can help tomorrow most yummy breakfast could have in am How many Xs do you think you smiled today What dream do you think you might have join me in a prayer

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tips for parents of picky eaters

University of Illinois Extension serving Henderson, Knox, McDonough and Warren Counties

Learn the most common worries at each stage of development.

Child therapist's list of top worries by the children's age. Group ages: 2 - 4 years old 5 - 7 years old 8 - 11 years old 12 - 18 years old 18 - 20 years old (by 18 their no longer children but it's on the list anyhow.

Karen harp after Andre Kohn

Andre KOHN: Ipecik-Böcecik [Mother and children at the shore]. Oil on canvas. "Love the thick application of paint with, perhaps, a palette knife, which gives the painting texture.