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Drawing on her experience and knowledge, the therapist works as a fellow traveler in the therapeutic journey...
Online therapy for adults with psychoanalytic psychotherapist Irene Bakopoulou. What is online psychotherapy and how does it work? Issues it can help with...
What happens in the first session in psychotherapy. You can expect that the therapist will ask you about your history, support network and help you to talk about what is going on for you.
How to make the most of your online therapy. On thinking, writing, recording.
Free association. The most basic rule of psychoanalysis is to say exactly what comes to mind, without censoring, changing it and making it more digestible or less offensive for you or your therapist.
The saying "Curiosity killed the cat", though it may be true for the cat, is misleading when it comes to humans. In actual fact, curiosity is a very good thing for us human beings. It's a sign of good mental health. Here's why.
Do people change? Contrary to popular belief, they do!  With psychotherapy you begin to clearly see various patterns in your perceptions, feelings and behavior, to understand their origins, and why and how they are affecting your life in the present. It is this very understanding that is the start of the change. Acquiring this understanding means that you have the ability to change the things you now understand.
The psychoanalytic psychotherapy frame, with Irene Bakopoulou.
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