Love this, a different perspective of something so commonly photographed

My two favorite things; Paris, France and Rain! "Actually, Paris is the most beautiful in the rain." -Midnight in Paris

Only Black allowed for Kirk Products hair show and product knowledge classes unless otherwise directed by Kevin The King Kirk #asp91113

Only Black. What people do not realize is black is an amazing color. Black is a representation of mystery. And I love it against my skin. Black is my favorite color!

Hydra 1956 Sophia Loren

Love this simple photo of Sofia Loren. Who in the world needs a thigh gap?

* Paris

It's like a dream, to wake up to you every morning. To be so close and yet so far. The black and white tone of this picture makes me wish I was in it, wandering around the room in a satin nightgown and robe.

Irene Papas and Anthony Quinn. Papas and Quinn are the perfect acting pair!

Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas join in a traditional joyful Greek dance in a scene from film "A dream of kings"