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a glass jar filled with plants and moss on top of a wooden table next to a tree stump
Walstad Method Shrimp Jar Aquarium Setup! (Beginner-Friendly)
Ready to witness nature's masterpiece in our shrimp jar aquascape? Click through to watch our three-month journey unfold, and discover the secrets behind creating a captivating ecosystem with cherry shrimp, amano shrimp, nerite snail, and diverse aquarium plants.
several pictures of plants and rocks with text overlay that reads, how to make a mini palladrum with sidewalk moss
DIY Mini Paludarium | Using Sidewalk Moss, A Few Rocks & A Little Soil
DIY Mini Paludarium With Outdoor Moss
Amazing Innovation Ideas - Creative DIY Microlandscape - Moss Bonsai - Ep 62. #fyp #ideas #diy
three glass jars filled with grass and animals
ひめ桜のハーバリウム ~2024‘新花手作り花かんざしのプレミアム桜色ハーバリウム~(プレゼント用 ラッピングあり)
a tree with different angles and numbers on it
Lesson #2: Developing the form