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a drawing of a woman holding a coffee cup in her hands with stripes on it
The world of Amelie Fontaine
an image of a woman's profile with red circles on her ear and black hair
Stina Persson | Communication Arts
a collage of a woman's face with black hair and green, pink, yellow and white colors
Stina Persson | Multi-Media Illustrations | Hue&Eye
a drawing of a woman in a red dress with a hat on her head and hands behind her back
Nasomatto Nuda Perfume Review
a woman sitting on top of a table next to a glass filled with red wine
Kobayashi Kaichi 小林かいち (1896-1968) Kanojo no seishun 彼女の青春 (Her youth) - Postcard 1910s
an old book with blue and white birds flying in the sky on it's cover
Flying Birds Free Background Sheets Swallows Bluebirds Robins Starlings Blue Jay