Sterling Silver bangle.Adjustable Sterling Silver by Iridonousa

Sterling Silver bangle, Adjustable Sterling Silver bangle, Bangle Decorated with Sterling Silver Daisy, Flower Decoration

Hoop earrings Sterling silver hoop earringsAmethyst gemstone

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Cuff bracelet Sterling silver cuff bracelet Peridot  by Iridonousa

Cuff bracelet, Sterling silver cuff bracelet, Peridot bracelet, Green gemstone and sterling silver cuff bracelet,August birhtstone bracelet

Long Black Moonstone necklace with CitrineAngelite by Iridonousa

Gemstone necklace, Long Black Moonstone necklace with Citrine,Angelite gemstones, Onyx Butterfly pendant

Long Mother of  Pearls Tiger Eye Crystal Quartz  by Iridonousa

Long Mother of Pearls, Tiger Eye, Crystal Quartz gemstones necklace with Imperial Gold Aura Crystal Quartz , Pendant.

Genuine blue leather Vermeil gold  beads and Lapis by Iridonousa

Genuine blue leather Vermeil gold beads and Lapis Lazuli gemstone necklace. Leather and stones necklace. USD) by Iridonousa

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