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Things like practicing gratitude can be life-changing. It's those small lifestyle changes that can help you reach your goals in life. All it really takes is making a small shift, a small change in your daily routine to bring some positivity and healthy in

The Function of Vitamins and Minerals | Health and Wellness

Foods You Can Eat For Better Health. Proper nutrition has a phenomenal effect on how you feel and look. A good nutrition plan is more than weight loss, as it involves the actual nutrients your

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Weight Loss Tips for Women over 40 : Picture Description Plant Based Diet Plate Portions. A great guideline to use when fixing your plate. -Read More –

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3 Week Diet Loss Weight - This 7 simple exercises that will give you slender legs in almost no time. Try to do at least 30 repps of each set, and do not forget a light warm-up before starting.

Having a bad day ? Give yourself a break ❤️ take a deep breath ✨ and smile

By turning one’s focus in to their breath and their body’s movement, these 10 yoga poses to relieve anxiety.

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May you grow closer in relationship with CHRIST thee MESSIAH who was born many years ago to die as a sacrifice for your sins so that you may LIVE. May you receive a gift today that"ll prepare you for eternity ~ Amen