Grayson's eyes in this picture tho and Ethan looks bomb af like always. The Dolan Twins everyone!

Why was this on a board called magcon? I'm Dolan obsessed. They are not a part of magcon. Actually honey they used to be a part of magcon so yeeeee⬆️


that's our kid babe💍💍💙💙 Haha I wishhhh. Whoever marries the Dolan twins won at life

Grayson Dolan

This is my first book I'll try to update everyday This about a girl named oliva have a terrible life that she likes and dislikes These are all my ideas I didn.

The Dolan Twins SC

Look at my twins! Ethan and Grayson. I love you guys!

Grayson Dolan: this is my favorite picture

Read The Party (Grayson) from the story Dolan SMUT Imagines by dolansnut with reads. Your Pov: It was October, Friday th.

my babes ( ethan dolan, grayson dolan, jack dail, & aaron carpenter )

Yeah that's squad but their not walking at school like that ok hahahahaha