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Do It Yourself!

Follow the step-by-step application process of ISOMAT's products and make repairing or small construction works fast, easily and inexpensively.
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Follow ISOMAT’s instructions and repair on your own, the detached plaster on the exterior walls of your building.

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Complete painting your gypsum boards in three steps! Create a flat, smooth final surface, ready to prime and paint, using GB-COVER pasty, acrylic putty. Enhance the adhesion of the paint and improve its coverage with the new gypsum board primer, PRIMER-GB. Paint the surface in the color you want with the high-quality, durable emulsion paint ISOMAT CLASSIC. For more information, please visit our website:

Visit our YouTube channel and follow the step-by-step application process of ISOMAT's products!

ISOMAT participated in the 25th International Architectural and Building Exhibition YugBuild, the most significant event of the construction field in Southern Russia, which is held in Krasnodar every year. The exhibition took place in the Kuban EXPOCENTER between the 25th and 28th of February, 2015.

Are you moving? #Renovating? FAST-COVER is your best ally! The light, ready-to-use, acrylic putty by ISOMAT is ideal for quick patching of holes and cracks on the walls with just one application.

ISOMAT: Application of decorative cement mortar system on gypsum board

ISOMAT: Application of decorative cement mortar system on floors - YouTube

For fixing tiles on smooth and non-absorbent substrates, use the new #primer ISOMAT SUPERGRUND that roughens the substrate, enhancing the adhesion of the tile adhesive. #ISOMAT SUPERGRUND can be applied on plenty substrates, such as old #tiles, marble, natural stone, cement-based industrial floorings, wooden, metal or PVC floorings, tarpaulin (linoleum), as well as #floorings with in-floor heating.

DUROCRET PLUS: For repairs on concrete and masonry, choose DUROCRET-PLUS, the new cement mortar by ISOMAT. DUROCRET-PLUS is easy to apply and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It provides very good adhesion to the substrate, water impermeability and abrasion resistance.

Application of the colored acrylic plaster MARMOCRYL FINE 1,5 mm