SEA-U Dive Center Folegandros-Greece
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Welcome to Folegandros dive center!!! Sea U dive resort is located at the Hora of Folegandros which is distinguished for its Cycladic character, the narrow streets with the white-washed houses and the famous Venetian castle, which all make part of its exceptional beauty.
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Folegandros Island Sunset, Greece

Amazing Folegandros sunset by Panos Lahanas on

Folegandros island, Greece

There’s no mistaking it, this tranquil spot in the Cyclades has nothing in common with neighboring Santorini: no building stands above two stories, no cruise ships pull into port

Folegandros, Greece

Totally off the tourist radar and known as the authentic island, we investigate the best of Folegandros beaches.

Folegandros - GREECE: taverns in the town square

Folegandros - GREECE: taverns in the town square

Karavostassis beach in Folegandros

Karavostassis beach (Hohlidia) in Folegandros

Karavostassi peble beach in front of Vrahos Boutique Hotel.