Grumpy Kim

North Korea Awaits Kim Jong Un's Opening Moves

North Korean Students Must Get Kim’s Haircut

"lol.. you just reached level 5!"

Most stressfull job ever

it looks so funny... what is it?

Kim Jong-un meme (based on his visit to the Chonji Lubricant Factory)

so this is low fat and organic, right?

The 51 Best Pictures of Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things

well done everyone... well done!

well done everyone... well done!

This is my funny hand

Understanding Kim Jong Un, The World’s Most Enigmatic and Unpredictable Dictator

B-RT44CIYAAmuj7.jpg:large (640×377)

B-RT44CIYAAmuj7.jpg:large (640×377)

listen boys, these itchy pants are killing meeeee...

Reports surrounding Kim Jong-un’s prolonged absence are now suggesting the North Korean leader may have been subjected to an attempted coup, over a month after he disappeared from the public eye.

I said "more badges"!

I said "more badges"!

who told you to clap?

Has North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Been Toppled? Kim Jong Un ain't ‘visual basics’ to hack he’s very smart player the Outfucked Dying Warring Military Industrial Complex Bankruptcies deployed to keep Seoul, Tokyo jumpy and bleed CCP-PLA to d

hey vlad

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been named "Sexiest Man Alive", China's Communist Party newspaper proclaimed on Tuesday after treating a spoof award by satirical US website The Onion as genuine. -- "I'm on a horse"

"now... draw me saying something very important"

There's a newly released batch of photographs of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on a series of site visits. The dozens of photos all have o.

don't make me angry - you wouldn't like me when i'm angry

don't make me angry - you wouldn't like me when i'm angry

I said with cheese bruh..

Chinese daily fooled by spoof that Win 8 glitch forced missile test delay

really? there's more food over there?

North Korean defectors claim Kim Jong Un's weight problems are partially due to the dictator's taste for specially imported Swiss cheese.

yawning kim

Dennis Rodman: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a ‘good-hearted kid’