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I really like how Jack is listed, and everyone understands where this went immediately.

1 of the reasons why Doctor Who is awesome << Jack is omnisexual. He wants to sleep with the world. <<< I love that Jack gets his own category!


who saves the hero when he is no longer able to save himself? Donna Doctor Who ten

We may not know Yoda's species, but it is pretty obvious that he is not from Gallifrey

Don't upset Yoda, he has 'The Force'. Wait, but The Doctor is a Timelord. Timelord beats Jedi every time. Like that time The Doctor got his hand cut off.

doctor GIF

What I want to know is, what is all that stuff around him. Did he climb that ladder to see how high he had to jump? I mean, I knew I loved David Tennant, but seriously, this guy is fantastic!

well at least they tried? lol

This really happens too, that's the worst part! [Once my brother was talking about Doctor Who with a kid at school and another kid walked up." My brother asked which one and he said "The one with the aliens.

The Doctor kisses Rory in "Dinosaurs on a SpaceShip" #DoctorWho #kissing

This was not in the script. That is genuine Arthur Darvill disgust right there. Makes this scene a thousand times better.