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many different images of young men with short hair
Yes. I love thoooose looooks daaaaaaaaaaaaamn
a young man wearing a baseball cap and posing for a photo in front of cartoon characters
X. It’s what’s happening
left back side baekhyun righ t back side xiumin and at the front chen
a man sitting on top of a chair in a room filled with chairs and boxes
백현 | Baekhyun | EXO | Byun Baekhyun | Baekhyun X Loco | Young | Hyunee 'ㅅ' #exo #baekhyun #young
an advertisement for exo's upcoming album is shown in the middle of a circle
exo-lockscreen on Tumblr
exo lockscreen | Tumblr
Imagine Chanyeol as Your Husband
My cutest boy😘😘
two young boys standing next to each other in front of a white wall and pointing at the camera
CBX looking younger than ever
a young man laughing while wearing ear buds
순애보 on Twitter: "180623 롯데패밀리콘서트 엑소 첸 : 너의 웃음은 세상을 행복하게해 #첸 #CHEN #엑소 #종대 @weareoneEXO
Te adoro, ¿Lo sabes? Kim jongDae, joder, eres mi mundo, mi jodido mundo, por amor de Dios. Eres hermoso.
a young man is wrapped up in a blanket
exo | Tumblr
exo | Tumblr
a boy in a black hoodie is walking down an escalator with his hand on his hip
Chanyeol [HQ] 180904 ICN Airport | #EXO
a man with white hair holding flowers in his hand
X. It’s what’s happening
three young men standing next to each other
X. It’s what’s happening
s q u a d
a young boy wearing a red sweater with blue flowers in his hair
three young men standing next to each other in front of a tree with pink flowers
En la ciudad de Chogiwa, el Barrio Chino divide dos grandes áreas: la… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad