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Simple and very tasty, this kid-friendly Basic Cauliflower Fritters recipe is a must-have for any housewife. ❤ COOKTORIA.COM
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Anime/manga: Fairy Tail Characters: Max, Elfman, Natsu, Cana, Macao, and Wakaba, O MY GOSH, HE'S KILLING ME.
Swalla Studio Figurative painting                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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How to (properly) store your perishable groceries!
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The following yoga poses target your tightest muscles, ensuring an amazing total body stretch!
Tight hips seem to be a common problem for almost everybody — from runners to cyclists, from deskbound bloggers to dancers. Give this area a little extra love with this sequence of eight hip-opening stretches to increase your flexibility, reduce discomfort, and prevent injury.