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a black keyboard with the letters k and l on it
I’ll never look at my keyboard in the same way again
some people are on twitter and one is looking at the camera
Marvel presents the Brovengers!
"Yeah... Loki won that. Game over, everyone go home."
a man dressed up as loki in front of a building with the words, i needeeeeeeeeeee today is my birthday
I had to do it guys.
Lord Loki we love you Avengers React, Superhero Humor, Glorious Purpose
Lord Loki we love you
an avengers birthday game with the names and characters on it's back side,
Was held hostage by Loki! Me likey!
two different scenes with the same person talking to each other
Hahha! totally what I thought at this part
the movie poster for harry potter is shown in three different frames, one showing her face and
I haven't laughed this hard in a long time... Loki, Midgardian plants and kittens...
a man dressed as ant - man with the words seriously? i have to wear this?
I believe in everything: Photo
Yes. Yes, it is.
the many faces of loki in thor movie quotes, avengers memes, funny pictures, funny
heartbreaking little sh**
a man with his hand on his face and the caption fang girls how long feels about them?
Loki Demotivational poster by TheLastUnicorn1985 on DeviantArt
What?! Pfft! No, that's not true. He loves us!
an image of the avengers movie characters in different colors and font styles on a black background
Good, Neutral, Evil. | Project-Nerd
a red and white poster with the words when life throws you thor throw him back and demand