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Miind sufficiently boggled.  Am now checking all wall cracks, practicing not blinking, steering clear of Santas with musical instruments . . .

As an artist I was ecstatic about there being a New Van Gogh painting, and I tried my best to just view the art and not see the Tardis.But my fangirl side was flipping out. More proof that the Doctor is real?

Im such a whovian. One time someone went 'i dont like doctor who' (i didnt rlly care) me: i dont rlly care be quiet. Him: y is doctor who more than one person. Me: 1st of all hes not a human hes a timelord. 2nd of all hes one person i wont explain y cos its to complicated for U to understand. 3rd of all HIS NAME IS THE DOCTOR NOT DOCTOR WHO

*raises hand* David Tennant is right, his name is "The Doctor", but it's not wrong to call him "Doctor Who". Doctors One through Nine are called "DOCTOR WHO" in the credits! In fact, other former Doctors refer to him as "Doctor Who".

Basically, the essence of their relationship :P

Quite possibly my favorite scene with Doctor Donna =) I love her because for the first time 10 can have a companion who isn't falling in love with him. It took me a while to get over Rose Tyler but I really loved Donna Noble