VISIT GREECE| The bridge of lake Polyphytos near Servia; the Pieria mountains can be seen in the background. #Macedonia  #Greece #Kozani

Neraida bridge (the fairy bridge), over the artificial lake of Aliakmnonas river in Kozani Prefecture, Greece

Visit Greece | An escape to Lake Kerkini!  The most charming #season of the year is here! The #Greek countryside is waiting to reveal its secrets! Autumn, with golden brown foliage and mild temperature is the ideal time to visit Greece, if you are looking to experience the culture, local life, unique natural environments and sports!

During your visit, with traditional boats called “pláves”), and observe – at a safe distance from the birds– the special constructed platforms where pelicans nestle

Visit Greece | Autumn in Crete#visitgreece #autumn #fall #greece

The Samaria Gorge is the most famous of Crete and during the summer it is crossed daily by hikers.