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an orange and white cat with blue eyes laying down on a bed looking at the camera
The Royal Journey of Hosico: From Humble Beginnings to Global Fame
Meet Hosico, the undisputed king of fluffiness! With his dreamy blue eyes and cheeks like a hamster's, Hosico has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. ❤️ From humble beginnings as a flea-bitten kitten to becoming an internet sensation, his journey is truly remarkable.
a cat is climbing up the side of a scratching post and looking at the camera
a small kitten sitting on top of a couch next to a pillow and blanket with its paws in the air
Male Vs Female Maine Coons (Which are better to own as pet cats?)
So precious and cute, all puffed up as she plays! ❤
Cute Kitten with beautiful blue eyes and face markings
Cute Kitten with beautiful blue eyes and face markings #cute #kittens #cats #catlovers
This cuteness 😍😍
a cat sitting on top of a wooden chair with it's paw up to the camera
Fluffy sweet beautiful Maine Coon kitten cat #cuteanimals #cutecats #cats #catsofinstagram #kitty #kittens #kittycats #mainecoon #mainecooncats
Cute Cat kittens #kittens
Cute Cat kittens #kittens