emi tsaki

emi tsaki

Don't live in someone's elses dream
emi tsaki
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I must do this!

This is almost certainly a Supernatural or Vampire Diaries reference that I'm not getting because I haven't seen them, but it would still be hilarious.<<<<it's not a supernatural one but it might be a vampire diaries one

Edison's Mother

Edison’s Mother ~ whether this is truth or not matters very little. Beware the words you speak to a child for they become their inner voice X My Father taught me that.>>>wow such an amazing mother


I love this and it is so true. Not in high school anymore and don't wanna be worldly popular, but I sure want Him to know me. -Sandi>>I am in high school and this is such a good thing to have in the back of your mind.

God's not dead!

Don't feel like you have to repost this. God loves you no matter if you repost this story or not. I hate When people say repost because God will bless you or hurt you. God is subject to man.