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From the archives of Tokyo Food File, by Robbie Swinnerton, for The Japan Times
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five chefs are in a kitchen preparing food
“Chef Takashi Imai (far right) stands with his staff behind the charcoal grills at his new Jingumae restaurant, Yakitori Imai. The chef takes "yakitori" to the next level by pairing it with natural wines and serving chicken liver pate.” (Robbie Swinnerton photo) #Japan #Tokyo #yakitori #東京 #焼き鳥#instafood #washoku #和食 #tokyofoodfile
two chefs preparing food in a kitchen with wooden utensils on the counter top
"Torikado is the offshoot of the superb Torishiki, considered by many the apogee of yakitori dining in Tokyo. Yakitori maestro Yoshiteru Ikegawa officially opened Torikado 10 years after he set up shop at Torishiki. Besides acting as an overflow for his main restaurant, he sees it as a place where his apprentices can gain hands-on experience. Kohei Onoda, the man in charge of the grill, is the son of a yakitori chef." (Robbie Swinnerton photo) #yakitori #washoku #焼き鳥 #tokyofoodfile
a table topped with plates and bowls filled with food next to a glass of milk
"Doburoku" sake with simmered yellowtail and daikon at Tokyo's Hotaru sake brew-pub. Doburoku is an unfiltered sake that is thick and milky white, and packs plenty of alcoholic punch. (Robbie Swinnerton photo) #Japan #Tokyo #sake #東京 #酒
a white bowl filled with food on top of a table
Path, near Yoyogi Park, serves everything from breakfast and brunch through dinner and more. Part cafe, part eatery, part bar, Path brings in the brunch crowd in the morning and becomes a proper sit-down restaurant. (Robbie Swinnerton @tokyofoodfile photos) #Japan #Tokyo #Yoyogi #food #instafood #東京 #代々木 #ブランチ
a white bowl filled with soup and meat on top of a black table next to a spoon
Tokyo Food File writes that Tomoharu Shono's restaurants are giving us a taste of the future in each bowl of noodles: "Still in his 30s, Shono already has six locations in the Tokyo area and another in San Francisco. None are what you’d call traditional. But it’s at his newest venture, Mensho, that he is really charting new territory.” His signature dish, a seafood ramen, is served with chicken slices, tuna wonton, scallops and bottarga. 🍜 (Robbie Swinnerton photo) #ramen #らーめん #麺 #noodles