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a blue poster with an image of a bird on it's head and the letters q in white
Elp wallpaper (not mine)
a woman with long hair holding an electric guitar
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the band metallic on stage with their guitar
wallpaper cell phone 5" #metallica #metontour #worldwired
a man playing an acoustic guitar on stage
, playing the mandola
an image of metallic music album cover art
an image of a flying bird with the word rush on it's front cover
a poster with the words rush on it
Rush Discography Icons (ICO & PNG)
a star on the hollywood walk of fame
a woman is walking down the street with an umbrella in her hand while wearing a dress
Rush- "Permanent Waves"
a black and white photo of a woman posing in front of a camera with her legs spread out
Permanent Waves Photoshoot of Paula Turnbull - Unused Photo