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an aerial view of train tracks in black and white, with lines running through them
Untitled by Tres Roemer
Untitled by Tres Roemer | issyparis
an image of a map with the name eat italy
This Year In Review
MANHATTEN; Eataly.. Italian Restaurants, Shops and Markets.. Mangiare.. mangiare
three different images of people standing in a room with colorful lines on the wall and ceiling
An Ethereal Rainbow of Thread Fills a Gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art — Colossal
An Ethereal Rainbow of Thread Fills a Gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art
the different types of arches and how they are used to make archs for buildings
Informative Ideas
barrel vaulting | ... vault". Similarly the "trough vault" can evolve into a "boat vault- Lunette Vault arches intersecting across
an empty church with rows of pews
Diploma 3 - Charles Lai
AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2011 - Diploma 3 - Charles Lai
an aerial view of some very tall buildings in the city with boats on the water
bad land use controls (nonexistent ?) + bottom line (greedy) developers + unimaginative (hack) architects = disaster in Hong Kong
several different types of wooden strips hanging from the ceiling in an art gallery, with light coming through them
Martz Edition :: Chaise bois assise cuir
a man with his mouth open and the words why so serious? painted on it
The Joker "Why so serious?"
a man dressed as the joker is posing for a photo
The Joker - behind the scenes