Ionian Sea view thru' de window of de old Venetian lighthouse close to Fiskardo, Kefalinia, Ionian Islands_ Greece. Ithaca Island in de background.

Ionian island of Ithaca

Greek islands: Discover poetry in motion on Ithaca and Kefalonia

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Ithaca, Greece

For idyllic sunny islands with beautiful scenery and gorgeous beaches, Greece is an excellent choice and can offer real value for money. The Ionian Islands, off the West Coast, are Mediterranean.

Homer's Ithaca: The famous Cave of the Nymphs in the Thirteenth Book of the Odyssey.

Melissani Cave, on Kefalonia Island in Greece, features a sky-blue lake within the cave. The lake is shallow and clear, and is covered with stones at the bottom. The cave was rediscovered in (In Greek mythology, Melissani was the cave of the nymphs.