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@lutzgohome | DIY fringe banner made out of $1 tablecloths
@lutzgohome | DIY fringe banner made out of $1 tablecloths
a table that has some items on it and is decorated with bunting, streamers, and other things
there are many cards on the table and bags next to them that say appreciation station
Set up an appreciation station and have kids write thank you cards to their teachers!
an image of a rainbow colored table with snacks on it and the caption that reads, pto and pta leaders & micelle wahin oh
Rainbow snacks
the teacher appreciation week poster is displayed in front of a blurry background with colorful lights
a sign that says we donut know what we'd do without you
taco bout an awesome team flyer for teachers to use in their class or classroom
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a piece of paper that says, you have a big pizza our heart on it
Teacher appreciation you have a big pizza our heart poster pizza party
a sign that says any way you slice it, you're amazing
Teacher appreciation poster pizza party anyway you slice it you’re amazing!