Greece: With Home Exchange You Can Cook Locally, Eat Locally

I would love to travel to Greece someday. I love how beautiful it is there. From the food, to the buildings, I want to see all of it. I'm always up for an adventure. Plus Greece is an amazing place to get inspired in the fashion industry.


Street in Prague's Old City (they filmmed parts of Armadeus on this street)

Monemvasia, Greece

Fortress of Monemvasia, Peloponnese Greece - Photo: Evlahos, Wikimedia Commons ►Photoset

Cinque Terra

happyhues: “ Cute colorful houses in Cinque Terre, Italy. Want to visit! (by Robert Crum) ” Oh how i would LOVE to visit a place like this … some day.


Beating the heat in Florence, no sweat

Florence, Italy :: Ponte Vecchio (Yury Prokopenko) -- one day we'll meet again Florence.

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