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a white horse running in the snow with an inspirational quote on it's side
Names of Jesus: Faithful and True | Water on Thirsty Land
a purple background with the words prayer for god, thank you for praising to bring me
jesus came as the lamb of god to die for our sin and he's returning as the lion of judah to take us home
a painting of jesus holding the head of two wolfs with his arms stretched out
Jesus is so good always & forever.
He’ll protect that the one sheep & always go back for that one lost sheep. Super grateful for my God 🤍 #lostsheep #jesus #godisgood
a lion with the words for god has not given us a spirit of fear, but of
Motivation, Bible Verses About Faith, Faith Bible, Prayer Scriptures, Bible Truth
a lion and a man on top of a hill with the words, i am not afraid
Jesus my foundation. [Vídeo] | Imagens de leão, Fotos de leão, Imagens de jesus
Pin on lion of our king
a lion's face with the words, the enemy likes to hide wolfies inside sheep's clothing
a man standing in front of a lion with the words i will fear nothing because nothing is
Amen and Amen 🙏🏻❤️ 💃🦁
I Trust God, I Will Not Fear! I Believe and I Am Believing God Is Working! Something good is gonna happen to me today!!! Something good is gonna happen through me today!