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“ワンホビ34 少女発動機「MOTORED CYBORG RUNNER」 Maxfactory +千値練の共同企画。 圧倒的な可動域とエンジンギミックがカッコイイです #ワンホビ34 #MOTOREDCYBORGRUNNER” Inspiration, Concept Art, Toys, Character Design Male, Cyber, Mech Suit, Robot Girl, Robot Design
ALUCARD (@ensofu7) on X
“ワンホビ34 少女発動機「MOTORED CYBORG RUNNER」 Maxfactory +千値練の共同企画。 圧倒的な可動域とエンジンギミックがカッコイイです #ワンホビ34 #MOTOREDCYBORGRUNNER”
a person is holding up a white plastic action figure with pink hair and silver armor
pygmalion on X
a small statue with horns on it's head and arms wrapped around its body
ZeenChin_Puppet, Diego Sain
ArtStation - ZeenChin_Puppet, Diego Sain
an action figure is posed in front of a white background and holds a black object
稲田航(PN:稲葉コウ) (@inaba_koh) on X
the little mermaid is sitting on her stomach
Hey guys! this is my new 3D sculpting Ariel from the Little Mermaid 2D animated movie. I made this for a Mermay challenge and also some of… | אינסטגרם
female head loops 3d Character, Web Design, Animation, 3d Modeling Tutorial, Animation Reference
female head loops
Manga, Fan Art, Cyberpunk Art, Anime Dolls, Mechanic
an anime figurine is posed on a marble surface with her legs spread out
a statue of a man with horns on his head