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On Being Ugly

On Being Ugly.i really love this video and will be sharing it with my girls youth group

My Big Fat Greek Easter with Dawn O'Porter: Soul Food (Episode 1)

Munchies: My Big Fat Greek Easter with Dawn O'Porter: Soul Food (Episode


rape experiment by Fouseytube, we should all fight against rapist . its a heart breaking video i couldn't watch it again :/

Ρατσιστική επίθεση σε στάση λεωφορείου (κοινωνικό πείραμα)

An uplifting video to restore faith in humanity -- Greeks respond to man who insults immigrant

Around The World In 20 Eggs

Around The World In 20 Eggs. This really opened my mind int he thought how one ingredient can be made in so many different ways all around the world.

Noodles Around The World

Noodles Around The World - An international noodle tour of Los Angeles, California; which one is your favourite?

Oprah Show Update: The Mother Who Feared Her Own Son | Where Are They No...

Imagine the fear of knowing that someone wants you dead. Now, imagine the heartbreak knowing that someone is your own son. In Laurie Ferris .

What It's Like Raising 9 Special-Needs Children | Where Are They Now? | ...

Melanie and Byrd "Bud" Billings were brutally gunned down in their home in with nine adopted special-needs children sleeping nearby. The Billings' olde.

The "Octomom" Addresses Her Controversial Decisions | Where Are They Now...

It's been two years since single mom of 14 Nadya Suleman—better known as the Octomom—appeared on The Oprah Show. Did she take financial expert Suze Orman's a.


You Beat Depression. Loving the courage and compassion of this video and some fantastic comments on it as well.

Hillary Clinton's Greatest Speeches on Women

Clinton's rousing address at the 2012 Women in the World Summit was just her latest speech for women's rights. From her 1995 Beijing address to her vocal adv.

#DearMe - You will be happy. :)

is a campaign that started to celebrate international woman's day. While I'm not a woman I thought it might be ok if I offered some advice to the you.

#DearMe | Dark-Skinned Divas

#DearMe | Dark-Skinned Divas