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Pictures of Singers, musicians and an idea of life revolving around Rembetika music - Early Greek Blues which is still very popular today.
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Bouzouki tricordo (Grecia).

The Original Greek Bouzouki called a Trikortho, ( 3 pairs if strings tuned DAD, used in Rebetika, (Greek Blues) circa to mid More Oriental sounding than the modern Bouzouki.

Markos Vamvakaris

Markos Vamvakaris, the Godfather of Rebetika (Greek Blues) playing aTrikortho Bouzouki, 6 strings, doubled.

Γιαννη Παπαιωαννου

Γιαννη Παπαιωαννου

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The guy in the hat is Nikos Mathesis, notorious mangha, musician, and inspiration for the untouchable Crazy Manos.

Kazantzidis and Marinella

Kazantzidis and Marinella

Uncredited Photographer Dancers in a Turkish Club, Allen Street, Lower East Side, New York City 1942


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A small history of one of toughest dudes of the old rebetika.