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Chocolatier français Bernard Dufoux / La Clayette (71)
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chocolate. Every day. It has to be served on a china plate, be organic and dark. Best with a cup of tea. Its a beauitful way  to end your day and adds comfort
Chapped lips are an incredibly annoying problem. Whether you deal with it only during the cold season, whether it plagues you all year long, you know how easily it can cramp your style. First, flaky lips make applying the perfect lipstick or lip gloss so much more difficult. Then there's the discomfort and the burning sensation. Nobody enjoys picking at their itchy lips. So, what are the solutions? The main tools you'll need to tackle the chapped lips issue are lip scrubs  for removin...
7 Steps Guide On How To Apply Lipstick Properly
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Copper Glitter Lips.