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a hand holding a wooden snake on the street
Thailand Darkwood Handmade Elegant Curves Walking Stick - Snake Head | eBay
an odd shaped wooden object on display against a gray background with writing on the tip
GALERIE JANTZEN, Art populaire
Hobo Nickel Coin 1921-P Morgan Dollar Hand Carved Coins
an image of a bird wearing a top hat and holding a baseball bat with the words,
MAXIMOGRAFICO Ltd. Collection | Featuring custom t-shirts, prints, and more
a silver coin with cartoon characters on it
Hobo Nickel for sale | eBay
a wooden table topped with a long piece of black pipe on it's side
Blackthorn Walking Stick handmade in Ireland Shillelagh | Etsy UK
a green snake sitting on top of a wooden stick in front of a black background
Sold at Auction: A NEPHRITE HANDLED CANE The grip is carved as a serpent's head with ruby eyes and has a plaited silver wire collar and a malacca shaft, 87cm long overall (Possibly Russian).
an old wooden rack filled with lots of different types of canes and other items
Quintessentially British Lifestyle and Home deco