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a robot that is standing in front of a fire
Go ahead...Bite his hot, shiny, metal ass.
a red farmall tractor sitting on top of a table next to a birdhouse
Used Farm Tractors for Sale: Sewing Machine Tractor Sold (2010-07-17) - Yesterday's Tractors
Kustom Kulture Art, Arte Pin Up, Rockabilly Art, Worlds Finest, Airplane Art, Garage Art, Aircraft Art
Worlds finest real deal garage art by the by Lumpysgarage on Etsy
there is a sign that says no free tattoo removal on the wall next to a pair of scissors
Wall Art, Tattoo Shop, Hand Painted Sign, Hand Painted Saw, Original Art, Vintage Saw (Free Tattoo Removal)
a black lunch box with the words bang bang on it's lid and spider webs
Additional Pinstriping
Northside Tattoos | Additional Pinstriping
a sign that says stay the rules and tools attached to it in front of a store
Tool box warning – garage
Tool box warning