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a black and white photo of a young boy with no shirt on smiling at the camera
a woman with her mouth open and eyes wide open
Edge of Urge. Shop Independent, Handmade Goods & More!
Goldie Hawn by Richard Avedon
a woman smiling and making funny faces with her eyes wide open to the side, on a gray background
Smiling, Happy Sociopaths.
Smiling, Happy Sociopaths. - all you need to know about those always happy people
a man running across a tennis court holding a racquet
Push Girl Hall of Fame
Wilma Rudolph suffered from polio and infantile paralysis as a child. She became an athlete and competed in the 1956 Summer Olympics and went on to win three gold medals in the Summer Olympics of 1960. At the time, she was considered to be the fastest woman in the world.
an old photo of a man jumping in the air
an old photo of a man running on a track with his leg in the air
the woman is dancing with her arms in the air as people watch from the other side
Madonna Ciccone: Photo
black and white photograph of people dancing on checkered floor in an open area with one person holding out his hand
Braless, Flawless? Making the Case for the Barely There Tank
the woman is dancing with her hair blowing in the wind while two other people look on
Planet Madonna
a woman is dancing on the dance floor
November 2006: Ron Galella’s Disco Years
black and white photograph of people sitting in front of a man holding a baseball bat
Land of Reality (Nemesis UK) Saturday 17th August 1991
a cheetah running in the grass with it's front legs spread out