Jessica Wonderland-Lidell

Aesthetics of a fan character based on the game «Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery», the animated series «Phineas and Ferb», the tv-series «OUAT», «Bones», «The…
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a woman in white shirt and black pants holding a tennis racquet on brick wall
a woman laying in the snow reading a book and listening to headphones while eating pizza
a woman laying on top of a bed next to two orange and white fluffy cats
Hogwarts: A Photography Book - in the gryffindor's common room
the text and the flashbacks hurt on a gray background
a text message that reads, please my ij is higher than your heels delivered
four pins with different sayings on them sitting in the back pocket of someone's jeans
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the words want to hear my magic backstory? are in black on a white background
Want to hear my tragic backstory? - tag quote