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a woman with long brown hair and piercings on her ear looking at another woman's face
haerin & hanni matching icon/pfp
New Hair, Portrait, Gaya Rambut, Haar, Cute Hairstyles, My Girl
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⊹ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ୨♡୧ ໒꒱ ⋆゚⊹
[231226] 🐣📞
[231226] 🐣📞
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₊   ♡⃕    ベリー   🐰   ﹒   ⬚   👧🏻
a woman holding a large strawberry in front of her face with the words fruit glass on it
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030324 twitter update #haerin
Fashion, Mode Wanita
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Yeji | IG Live
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