Innocent Emeka Ndukaihe

Innocent Emeka Ndukaihe

Ikaria,Greece / The value you place on a thing determines its worth to you.Life is not all about how much but how well.
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Resentments happen when we neglect ourselves for the sake of others. Giving in moderation improves both self-esteem and loving relationships. It's also at the heart of recovering from codependency.

When people argue and just spit the same useless "facts" back and forth over and over again it's pretty dumb

Now rather than focusing on the scale, Alice Fields is paying attention to the inches lost and muscle gained.

God calls into existence the things that do not exist. - Romans 4:17

Just look at this board........we are in the last days................


Love this Scala Shapewear! It’s seamless, shapes the body, and clinically proven to reduce cellulite!

Mark 13:32-33