Jima Tsekeri

Jima Tsekeri

Athens, Greece / In love with everything handmade and vintage !!!
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DIY lace frames, must save a piece from the wedding dress If I don't get to frame the entire dress, I'm doing this. Or maybe I can use the veil or something. It's a cure idea

rideau lin noeuds

: Brise bise en lin Modèle AMBRE 35x120 cm

décoration rideaux, embrasses rideaux, voilages, stores, brise-bise, cantonnière, rideaux, lin, monogramme, linge brodé : Store SORMIOU en 45x120 cm

Cortinas cocina

Burlap Shades

Window screens made from lace

79 Crafty Sewing Projects for the Home

79 Crafty Sewing Projects for the Home