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Weeds? Gone!! All Natural Weed Killer!! - Helpful Home Tip!  Formular: 1 Gallon Vinegar 2 Cups Epson Salt 1/4 Cup Dish Soap  I Always use Dawn, The Blue Original You can also put it in your Round-Up or Garden Srayer. It Worked Fine in Mine. IT WILL KILL ANYTHING YOU SPRAY IT ON. JUST MIX AND SPRAY IN THE MORNING, AFTER THE DEW HAS EVAPORATED. WALK AWAY. GO BACK AFTER DINNER AND LOOK AT THE WEEDS. DEAD. PERIOD. THIS IS SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN ANYTHING YOU CAN BUY ANYWHERE. PERIOD.

Weed killer: 1 gallon vinegar, 2 cups epsom salt, cup dish soap not sure how this is organic unless she uses organic vinegar, organic Epsom salt & organic dishsoap- which I don't think is possible but more or less chemical free.

back view The Edge Whitsand Bay, Cornwall 1

An eco-friendly luxury cliff top hideaway! This Cornish self-catering beach hut has stunning coastal vistas over Whitsand Bay and beyond. The Edge, a small beach cottage in Cornwall, England.

beautiful stone steps.

Natural Looking Winding Stone Stair - there are a lot of DIY projects a handy homeowner can do on his own, but this is one Id leave to the pros! This is so well done! Robinsons Landscaping and Nursery - Gardening For You

Recycled Newspaper Pots

Turn old newspaper into seedling pots. They can be planted directly into the ground as the paper will eventually biodegrade. You can form them by wrapping the paper around a jam jar or similar, or there are 'devices' that can be bought to make the pots.

Bored Panda

Twelve years ago, Australian photographer Julie Fletcher left her office job in Sydney and a failed relationship, to travel and capture some of the most spectacular images of the Australian .