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There's a danger to her, she's a baleful, beautiful menace; promising dark wicked mysterious enthralling adventures and blissful addicting scars of ecstasy that will never heal <3

Beautiful colorful pictures and Gifs: Red and Black. Black and white photography with a touch of color.

whitesoulblackheart: Curse of Fear by David Simpson more edits here … Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

White Soul Black Heart: Curse of Fear by David Simpson

Brilliant Digital Art by Wojciech Magierski

Brilliant Digital Art by Wojciech Magierski. Fucked up serial killer story?

I don't understand why everyone thinks I'm happy, they could only look into my eyes for one second and would see that they're screaming. #evatornadoblog #mycollection #etdarkside #dark #black #mydarkside @evatornado

Eyes are the window to the soul. a soul that cannot escape the mind, a soul trapped in the darkness, trying to escape, screaming for help but no one hears and no on sees.

Creepy Art by Mariano Villalba

How to reveal an ace of diamonds Reaper Art by Mariano Villalba

Dream In Year 2000 and 2000 Dreams - Luis Royo

Luis Royo-Prohibited Book II, Dream in year 2000 and 2000 dreams

Awesome tattoo design. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

Skull illustrations by Jacob Pedersen - Skullspiration

Badass nun tattoo idea

"Lost" by Luke Atay Model: Aneta Kowalczyk


Kendo, the Way of the Sword is the art of Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship.

Celaena's necklace

I love all things magical. Most of my posts are dark, beautiful and inspiring artworks.And maybe some other things relevant to my interests.