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a woman in a long dress is standing with her hands on her hips and looking off to the side
Hiroko in Cardin's lovely Japanese-inspired gown, L'Officiel 1962
Hiroko Matsumoto in Cardin's Japanese-inspired gown, L'officiel 1965.
Converse, Retro, 1950s Hollywood, 1960s Space Age, Stage Outfits, 60s, Retro Futurism, Space Dress
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Vintage pattern books 1960-67
Vintage pattern books 1960-67
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Gail & Claudia
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a woman in a pink and black dress
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an image of a woman posing with her hand on her hip and holding a purse
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Vogue Italia, Photo by Walter Chin 1992
a woman in a pink dress and high heels posing for a magazine ad with her arms crossed
an advertisement for paris couture featuring a woman in a white dress and black tights
Vogue UK October 1987