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four different types of machines with the words u - shape, team, and board
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Event Center Layouts, Colorado Springs Event Center
an empty hallway with chandeliers and lights on the ceiling is lit by recessed lighting
本厂是中山灯具直销工厂,可承接酒店工程售楼处样板房灯具项目,工厂有专业设计师团队,完善的售后服务,为您的工程保驾护航,详情请咨询<VX:w u y u -118>< QQ : 2851712681>
an image of a living room setting with brick walls and ceiling lights hanging from the rafters
Acoustic Solutions, Sound Dampening Panels - Kirei
Way up in the clouds, there's an acoustical solution for you! We're loving the contrasting look of our EchoClouds against the industrial background of this interior space.
an office lobby with blue couches and white tables in front of the wall, while people walk by
Vapor® Cluster
Vapor® ceiling systems offer a variety of patterns generated from simple, repeated elements. Panels are compatible with industry standard grid systems and their scrim-like design allows HVAC, lighting elements and other infrastructure to be shrouded yet fully operational. Optional backing materials can be added—frosted polycarbonate, to transmit light from above, or our Soft Sound® acoustical material, available in a wide range of colors, to reduce sound reverberation.
people are walking through an open area with potted plants
Дизайнерский потолок - имитация рыбных чешуек в ресторане Море-Море, Казахстан
the inside of a building that has glass and metal panels hanging from it's ceiling
Pin 2.Cafe Baci external Canopy Design.Architectually ties in with internal honeycomb hexagon design.Creates a reference from internal and external.
an empty conference room with wooden tables and black chairs in front of large windows overlooking the city
Microsoft AI R&D Center - Taipei | Office Snapshots
Microsoft AI R