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xho anna 03

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xho anna 03
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This is one of the two posts that made me laugh about Fred's death. Made me said, but made me laugh, nevertheless. <<< This is freaking hilarious and it's totally something Fred would say

Fred, we'll NEVER forget you, you'll always be in our hearts... You're sense of humor we'll never forget. The fact that we had the chance to get to know you was absolutely spiffing. You inspired a whole new generation of lawbreakers to do anything against the rules wich we'll always be thankful for. And when someone asks me: "Who are you're biggest inspirations?" I always say Gred and Forge 'cause nobody will EVER forget you... THANK YOU FRED

Of all the people why did Fred have to die? Fed and George are my favourite characters and Fred got murdered and George has to live without his twin, these books are too cruel to my heart.

Aaawwww Oliver phelps' fact is so cute cause I'm a twin and it's so weird to think what I would do if we were doing the same things as Oliver and his twin!

Some Harry Potter Facts. one of these breaks my heart. and it's not the one with the weasley brothers although that was very upsetting---- fifty freaking shades of grey beat harry potter. NO come on Brits get to purchasing more HARRY POTTER NOOOWWW