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a drawing of a blue dragon with wings
a white and blue dragon with wings on it's back, sitting in the air
Remarin on X
a blue and black dragon flying through the air
The character of Isvoc (by Heizigui)
a large bird with its mouth open and it's wings spread out, flying through the air
Balerion Conquest Era
Made by Hive_mind_3ddesigns House of the Dragon Game Of Thrones
a black dragon with its wings spread out
Tzahareth Concept Art, August Hammill
an artistic rendering of a dragon with its wings spread out, and the tail extended
a black and brown dragon sitting on top of a body of water in front of a dark sky
Mahvran flat color reference by Shanthiel on DeviantArt
a white dragon sitting on top of a gray background with an orange beak in it's mouth
Dragon character concept by Arcxus (me) [OC]