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a living room with blue and white vases on the wall next to mirror sculptures
South Shore Decoration
50 Favorites for Friday: Mastering Minimalism – South Shore Decorating Blog
a room with marble floors and walls
rimadesio door
rimadesio door - Google Search
a woman is standing in front of a wall made out of cement circles and holes
Design Detail - A Wall Of Concrete Blocks With Geometric Shapes
When designing the B+B House in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Studio MK27 together with Galeria Arquitetos, included an entire wall made from concrete blocks, that have geometric shape cut-outs.
an abstract painting with hexagonal shapes and colors on the wall in front of it
Design fugitives amazing wall panel Milwaukee. Great design
an artistic room with checkerboard walls and gold faucets on the floor
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the curtains are hanging in front of the window
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a sculpture made out of metal spirals sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
Matt McConnell Sculpture http://artistwebsitepro.com/Artists-Directory.cfm
an empty room with white walls and wooden slats on the wall, there is a chair in front of it
‘AKollection’ by Afroditi Krassa (UK) | Проектирование интерьеров, Дизайн стены, Интерьер
‘AKollection’ by Afroditi Krassa (UK)
a mirror reflecting the interior of a room with orange couches and tables in it
✓ sporty spice ✓
mirrored walls